What Should I do if I Have a Severed Limb After a Bike Accident?

woman learning to walk again with crutches after a severed limb from a accident

A severed limb after a bike accident can be an emotional, mental, and physically disabling injury. You may have started your day in Burlington, VT just looking for a day of riding through the beautiful Green Mountains. Maybe you were struck by a car or crashed because of a poorly maintained road and then you find yourself in a hospital.

A doctor stands by your bed telling you that your leg was mangled in the crash and your bones have been shattered. The try a few different solutions to try to preserve your leg, but nothing is working. Soon the time comes when the doctor says there is nothing left to do- they must amputate your leg.

The Story of Loss of Limb After a Bicycle Crash

From the moment of the accident until the day of full recovery are sometimes years apart. Your doctor may spend days, weeks, months trying to preserve the limb. You may have undergone several surgeries just to find out that your limb must be amputated.

After the surgery to remove the badly damaged limb you must be hospitalized until they are positive the chance of infection has passed. You’ll spend days watching tv- watching the people you love go about their life. All you may want right now is to return to the morning of the ride and make one little change. One little change that will prevent you from having a severed limb after a bike accident.

If you decide to file a personal injury lawsuit you will have to share the story of economic and non-economic loss.

Economic loss is calculated by adding together medical bills, bills from specialists, medication, lost wages and loss of potential wages if the injury has disabled you from working again.

Non-economic loss is about trying to calculate the loss in quality of life. It’s hard to put a price on losing a leg. You can’t put a price on not being able to pick up your child.

Together with your bicycle accident lawyer you will work to figure out how much a prosthetic limb may cost, how much a home health aide may cost, and how much you are likely to spend the rest of your life to get back the quality of life that you had prior to your injury.

Proving Fault of the Crash

bike on ground from injuries after a bike accident

With an injury like a severed limb after a bike accident, an insurer is likely to deny the claim. The medical bills from a person who has experienced a severed limb are enormous. The impact of the injury will affect the rest of your life. They may try to say that you don’t need a prosthetic limb, you don’t need a home health aid, you don’t need modifications to your vehicle to maintain independence.

Just because someone did not intend to run into your vehicle, they are still responsible for the consequences. Many times you’re not actually suing the other driver– its often the insurance company that your fighting against. Don’t let an insurance company try to convince you that you. don’t deserve the quality of life you had before. This injury wasn’t your fault and you shouldn’t be punished the rest of your life for someone else’s carelessness.

You may think you can fight the insurance company alone, but remember this is the work they do every. single. day. That is why you need to call NY & VT bike accident lawyer Drew Palcsik. Call today to learn about amputations following a Burlington bike accident.