Every parent knows that ensuring your child’s health and safety is what matters most in this world. Nothing can be more devastating than if your child is left to suffer from the negligent infliction of serious injuries.

If your child sustains injuries due to another’s negligent actions, you can find solace knowing that there is a seasoned attorney on your side. Drew Palcsik, anexperienced personal injury attorney, will handle all aspects of your claim and will help you obtain all damages that may be available. With the assistance of an knowledgeable Burlington child injury lawyer, you can focus on helping your child heal while Drew helps you get the compensation your family needs.

Accidents in Child Injury Claims

Whether it is at home or out in public, accidents that result in the injury of a child can occur anywhere. Some of the more common scenarios include:

  • Car accidents
  • Product liability (injuries from dangerous or defective products)
  • Fires
  • Daycare negligence
  • Dog bites and animal attacks
  • Swimming pool drownings
  • School and playground accidents
  • Sports injuries

Proactive action taken by parents and caretakers can sometimes help to mitigate the likelihood of an accident or injury occur, such as the use of protective gear during physical activities and adhering to safety practices themselves. However, injury-causing accidents involving children can occur, despite the taking of preemptive measures, and may even prove fatal. Accidents with the highest child fatality rates are car accidents and drownings.

Time Limitations for Child Injury Claims in Burlington

Under § 512(4), Tile 12 of the Vermont Statutes, the standard statute of limitations for personal injury claims is three years. In child personal injury cases, however, the statute of limitations does not start until the child reaches 18, as set out in Title 12 V.S.A. § 551.

Although the statute of limitations tolls for child personal injury claims, Vermont law provides that the child may still seek legal recourse through a guardian or parent. In Burlington, a child injury attorney can assist parents seeking to file suit on behalf of their child by providing them with the insight and guidance to pursue their child’s case under Vermont’s laws effectively.

Collecting Compensatory Damages

In cases involving injuries sustained due to another’s negligence, remedies include the awarding of compensatory damages. Compensatory damages are an amount of money intended to compensate your child and family for losses stemming from the injuries. This could include all medical expenses, cost of rehabilitation, and hospitalization.

Although state law bars children from bringing personal injury claims on their own, a child’s parents can still file the lawsuit on their behalf. For cases of child injury in Vermont, you may file a claim for filial consortium on behalf of your child. Filial consortium damages compensate the parent for their losses such as loss of affection and companionship due your child’s injuries. Drew will calculate your losses and help you seek maximum compensation for your specific situation.

Contact a Burlington Child Injury Lawyer Today

The painful sight of a suffering loved one is never easy to bear but can be especially heartbreaking when it is your child who is suffering. Beyond the emotional toll, it can take, pursuing a personal injury claim can be costly and all-consuming of your time.

If your child sustains severe injuries in an accident, you may find the legal counsel of a child injury attorney in you and your child’s best interests. In addition to providing peace of mind, an experienced Burlington child injury lawyer can protect your child’s rights and effectively present your child’s case in a court of law. Contact a child injury lawyer in Burlington to book your consultation today.