What should I do? Amputation or severed limb after a motorcycle accident

woman learning to walk again with crutches after a severed limb from a accident

Losing a limb is physically, emotionally, and mentally difficult to recover from. It is hard to comprehend how a severed limb after a motorcycle accident will impact the rest of your life. For some, it will be immediately apparent that the limb will never recover. Other times they will try to heal the limb to no avail.

It can take a long time, sometimes nearly a decade to fully complete rehabilitation after losing a limb. It is possible after you heal to continue to experience pain from nerves damaged in the crash.

Recovering from a severed limb

It will take years up to nearly a decade to fully recover from the loss of a severed limb. Depending on the nature of your crash, you may be rushed in for emergency surgery. Sometimes, the hospital will try to save the limb through various treatments. However, there may come a time where they can do nothing else to repair the damage. At this point, they may surgically remove your the damaged limb.

After surgery, you can expect a lengthy recovery. They will need to prevent infection and ensure you are healing safely before you can return to your home. Sometimes they will keep you in the hospital and continue physical therapy to help preserve as much mobility and independence as possible.

As you begin to rebuild your life you may find that you need to make modifications to your vehicle and home to accommodate your new disability. Needless to say, the road to recovery is very long for an amputee. If you’ve been injured and experienced a severed limb after a motorcycle accident, call a personal injury lawyer.

Proving who was at fault for your motorcycle accident

Insurance companies will try to minimize, delay or deny your claim. They may try to say as a motorcycle rider that you know that it is likely to be injured. However, that takes away that another person was negligent and caused your injury. Let alone the severed limb after a motorcycle accident that never should have happened. Because of another person’s carelessness, your life has changed dramatically and may never be the same.


In a personal injury lawsuit, you will likely file suit against the other party’s insurance company and your own. Sadly, your private insurance company is likely to try to iminimize your claim, even though you’ve been a faithful customer.

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