If someone slips and falls on another’s property, the injured person has the right to be compensated for his or her injuries if the fall was due to negligence. If you have been hurt due to an unreasonably unsafe walking surface, it is best to get in touch with Drew Palcsik, a seasoned slip and fall attorney. There are many steps involved in a slip and fall claim. In addition to the usual pieces of putting the parties on notice of the claim and collecting medical records, the work involves talking to witnesses, collecting reports of the weather, collecting any incident reports, and knowing how to handle cases that involve conditions that may have disappeared (known as transient conditions) and a more permanent condition which may be viewed and evaluated by a proper expert.

Drew will take the lead in your case to build the claim for compensation you need to move forward. Call the legal team at Champlain Valley Law to learn about the various steps needed to be taken when preparing for a Burlington slip and fall case.

What is a Transient Condition?

There are several distinctions between a transient and a permanent condition. Transient conditions are temporary, always changing, and subject to change like snow, ice, or water. Whereas, in most cases, conditions that have to do with pavement or other services or physical structures tend to last longer, usually until they are repaired or altered. If it is that kind of condition that caused your injury, one of the things we will do right away is send a spoliation letter, which is a notice to the defendant, wrongdoer, that says to not change that condition before we get to photograph or inspect it.

If they do change it, that is considered destruction of evidence, and there could be legal sanctions down the line for that party. If your injury is due to a transient condition, it is extremely helpful and important to find a way to establish what that condition was.

Initial Consultation With an Attorney

You can prepare for a slip and fall case by making sure you keep your footwear, take many pictures that are close up and far away in the context of the dangerous condition, reporting the incident immediately, so there is a contemporaneous notice of the condition, and make sure you do not lose track of witnesses. Then it is best to retain the services of a skilled trip and fall lawyer.

During the initial intake meeting, you should be prepared to share with Drew the basics, like what happened, when it happened, and where it happened. Drew will need to see photos of the incident and of their footwear. You should gather your insurance cards, photographs, and a list of the doctors and medical providers that you have seen over the last ten years.

How Drew Palcsik At Champlain Valley Law Will Help With Each Step Of The Slip And Fall Claims Process

Drew Palcsik will investigate the incident, build the case, and file the lawsuit. To succeed in your case, Drew will need to prove that the defendant is civilly responsible for your injuries and damages. This includes laying out the injuries, damages, and present a value that is designed to make you whole in the form of money damages. The legal team at Champlain Valley Law has years of experience handling slip and fall cases. Call today to learn about preparing for a Burlington slip and fall case.