I know my work makes people's lives better.

I’ve always been attracted to work that helps people get justice. As a child, I was fascinated by the law and why some legal cases were successful while others were not.

When it came time to choose a course of study, I was torn between political science and criminal justice. I ultimately decided that criminal justice would give me the ability to make an impact in my community.

Every day, I can use my education to help injured people get back on their feet. No matter if you’ve been hurt in a motor vehicle crash, on a bicycle, negligent building maintenance or by an animal- I know my work matters.

Our team’s goal is to help anyone who needs us. Whether it’s helping a client navigate the legal world throughout their personal injury case, or helping them with free information- our goal is to help everyone who needs us in Vermont or New York.

Toni Block

Let Us Help.

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