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After a car crash it can be difficult to know what to do next.

You may find yourself asking:

“Do I talk to an insurance adjuster?”

“What should I do about my medical bills?”

“Do I need to file a lawsuit to get money if the other party was at fault?

It can be really confusing to know what you should do next after you’ve been in a car crash. You know that your next decision may make your life better or worse in the long run. Even though a lawsuit is far off the table, you don’t want to eliminate the option if you need to use it.

Thankfully, in New York State there is something called No Fault Insurance- and it has you covered.

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What is No Fault Insurance?

Covers your medical bills

Don’t worry about paying the visit to the emergency room or the follow up appointments to your Primary Care Physician (PHP). No Fault can help you cover up to $50,000 in medical expenses.

Covers other crash related expenses

If you have transportation expenses or needed medical devices during your recovery, New York State’s no fault insurance can help you get your money back.

Reimburses injured people faster

Because No Fault insurance does not require either side to prove who caused the crash, claims can be processed faster than personal injury cases.

We Make It Easy
To Get The Help You Need.

Champlain Valley Law’s free e-book guides you through the NF insurance claim process by helping you identify expenses that qualify for reimbursement through No Fault.

You would be surprised, but your expenses can also be covered if you were a:




toddler being held and consoled after wrongful death of mother from recent auto collision

Within minutes you can read and prepare for your filing your very own No Fault Insurance claim.

Don’t need to neglect medical treatment because of financial constraints.

Focus fully on recovery after the crash- not the bills.

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