We can only imagine the tragedy that brings you to this page today…

Dogs teeth exposed to represent our dog bite practice areas that can help people in Burlington, Montpelier or even Middlebury, Vermont

It was just a normal day...

You woke up that day, and it seemed like every other day, a beautiful, sunny morning in the Chaplain Valley.

You took a look out of your window as you sipped your morning coffee and waited for the rest of your family to wake up.

You started to prepare for the day, making breakfast and confirming your plans to take your child to their best friend’s birthday party.

You pack up the car, put your child in the back seat and head out for an afternoon of fun. You arrive at the house and your child rushes out of the car with a present for the best friend in hand. Everything seems to be going well at the party, the kids are playing with the family dog- and everything changes.

You hear a bark and then a scream from your child. You run over in terror to discover your child with blood running down their face. Their family dog, that had never shown signs of aggression has bitten your child’s face.

You meet with a doctor who tells you they should be okay, but may have some disfiguring scars or loss of function.

You are thankful that overall your child will be okay, but they now have permanent scaring and a traumatic memory of being bitten by a dog.

In fact, as you are reading this now, your child is terrified of being around animals.

You are not alone

If something like that happened to your child, you are not alone.

The most common victim of an animal attack is a child or the elderly. Often, an animal attacks will a lasting impact on the victim both physically and psychologically. Many times the animal who attacked did not have a recognizable pattern of aggression- so it seems like the attack was out of the blue. 

It is hard to believe that your child was injured, and that the person responsible is a friend of the family. However, your child needs treatment, and that treatment costs money.

So many questions

So, what happens if someone you love has been attacked by a dog? You might, right now, be asking yourself many questions:

What should I do now?

How can I get these bills paid?

Will my child be blamed for the attack?

What will happen to the dog if I file a case?

All of these valid questions are good for you to be asking. And we are here to tell you that we
can help you resolve some, if not all, of the questions that are spinning around in your head on
a free consultation call:

Why Do I Need A Lawyer?

We know your child is in a lot of physical pain and the scars are constant reminders of the attack. We also know you both are experiencing psychological pain after the attack. Seeing your child covered in blood, and you’re both scared to be around dogs. So, your medical bills and treatment will be higher than the average injury victim.

What does that mean for you?

Well it means you need to get more money out of the insurance companies to pay for the bills that you currently have and are likely to pay in the future. But, that doesn’t mean they have all the money that you need.

Lawyers Who Aren't Afraid of Lawsuits

So, that may mean you have to prepare and file a lawsuit.

And we know that you, like many of our clients who have walked into our office in Middlebury, Vermont, may not even be the type of person that believes in filing a lawsuit.

Trust us, we are lawyers, and we don’t like to file lawsuits unless we absolutely have to.

Between Mark and Drew, our two partners, we have a combined fifty years of filing cases to get justice for clients, and we still don’t like to file a case unless we can’t get what our client deserves by just being doggone cordial about it with the insurance company.

We tell them the facts. We shoot them straight. Since we’ve been doing this a long time and are honest about our clients’ injuries, they usually pay us what you are owed.

Most times they listen and sometimes they don’t. It really just depends on your situation.
The larger the payout, the more likely they are to push back to see if they can reduce what they owe.

What Makes Us Different
Is Not Your Normal Suit

That is where our firm is unique and different than most that you will likely encounter in our state and, really, the country.

Where most personal injury law firms rely on quick settlements to pay their staff and to keep the lights on, and where most firms do not like to do the hard work – like taking depositions and preparing for trial – we actually thrive on getting the most for our clients through filing law suits

It is the not the kind of suits that we wear but the kind of suits that we file that make us stand
out from other injury law firms.

We like prepping for pre-trial work like depositions and discovery. And, we like trying cases in
front of a judge and jury, because we are able to tell your unique story to a group of your
peers who could have been in your shoes.

While we prefer not to, because can take a longer time for you to see a financial recovery, we
go the distance if we believe we can get you more money to help you recover and, thus,
more justice, than if we just settled right out of the gate.

Many firms don’t do what we do because it is a lot of work to try a case. Call us crazy, but, we just happen to like trying cases. And, because of our long term experience in courts in both New York and Vermont, we are really, really good at it and are highly respected in the North Country.

We assume we are going to go to trial from the moment you step into our office and we take your case. We prepare your file as if we will be going to bat for you in the courtroom, which means we are better prepared than most law firms out there.

And, in this legal game of thrones, the victorious ones are the ones who are the most prepared for the courtroom battle.

Trust has to be earned

You don’t have to take our word for it.

We have earned the trust of many happy clients that can tell you how we have helped them achieve the results that we are hoping for you to realize.

Take for instance, our client Adam Krista Niles, who recently wrote on our facebook page

"Excellent, excellent lawyer. I would recommend him to anyone."

or read another review from former client, Amanda Palmer, who similarly wrote:

"Kind, compassionate & knowledgeable assistance in navigating challenging events in life!"

Or how about David A. Beane who exclaimed:

"Excellent representation would be an understatement. Very pleased, would highly recommend this firm to anyone!"

We have many more and you can read them here to get yourself familiar with how many people we have actually helped over the years. 

Time to act is now

Or you can take our word for it. So, what are you waiting for?

Pick up the phone ad give us a call.

You will be directed to one of our amazing and caring intake specialists who will ask you a few questions about your car accident, take down all of your information and set you up to speak with our lead attorney Drew Palcsik.

You don’t want to wait too long to call. In Vermont you have only a few years before you have to
file a claim in court or risk losing ever being paid back for your injuries and expenses.

You also don’t want to wait because you want to be sure you are getting the right treatment, with
the best doctors, who can help you get back on your feet again.

After an animal attack it is super important that you get the right treatment by the right doctors, fast.

We have worked with so many doctors over the years that we know who to immediately send you to and we will cover all the upfront costs*, so you only have to focus on one thing: getting better.

That way you can full enjoy time with your family, get back to the life you want to live and find your way back to the road, biking again.

Are you ready to take the next step? If you read this far down the page then you definitely are!

Give us a call today:

We can’t wait to get you back your life, starting today!

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