Slip and fall injuries- or premises liability injuries can happen to anyone at anytime.

The fact that you are visiting page means, that it probably happened to you or someone you love.

Were you injured in a poorly maintained parking lot? 

Did you trip and become injured because hazardous loose and unmanaged cables?

Or did were you injured in a home or business- that come to find out was poorly maintained and downright dangerous?

It seems simple, tell the person or business what happened and they should take care of your medical expenses, right?

However, rarely is it that simple.

Yellow caution sign symbolizing wet floor which can cause a bone breaking slip and fall accidents

We are not money hungry,
we are justice hungry

We actually care about getting you better, getting you pain free, and getting you back to doing the things you loved to do before your injury.

We can’t promise you that it will be easy, but we can promise that we will take care of the hard, legal stuff, so you can focus on the hard work of recovery, getting well and taking your life back.

In fact, our team does things so differently here that we don’t take every client who walks in the door…

What A Horrible Thing To Happen

We can only imagine what happened to you:

  • shopping at the local market to buy food for your family;
  • going down a set of stairs, or;
  • walking in a parking lot;

Perhaps, you were thinking about your kids, their upcoming birthdays or something funny they said earlier that day?

And then, suddenly, you’re down on the ground.

Your body is injured.

Your day was disrupted.

And now you have a stack of medical bills.

Sound familiar?

It Just Isn't Right...

Maybe that pain came immediately or maybe it took a few months, but you are now feeling like the pain will not turn off or go away.

You were not sure if you should go straight to the doctor, but you knew piece of mind was worth more than trying to get on with your day.

Thankfully you did, because it turns out you had a fractured bone bone, whiplash and possibly a concussion.

The doctors you have seen haven’t helped as much as you hoped because you’re still in so much pain.  You’re still in pain, you owe thousands of dollars, all because someone did not take care of their property. It just isn’t right.

After all YOU were the victim so why should you foot the bill?

Meaning…you were not at fault and yet you are stuck with these medical bills just so
you can fix everything and get you back to normal (that is, if you are one of the lucky ones).
Where is the justice in that?

It just isn’t right!

So while you are feeling like you are owed something (and you most certainly are!), you are not receiving any help from your insurance provider and it almost feels like they blame you!

Nothing you were told (or sold) on television is happening.

It is not like there is a friendly duck from Aflac; a funny, congenial lady from Progressive; a warm, resounding President from All State; and, certainly not a humble and entertaining Gecko from Geico, who are trying to make you a whole person – who is free from pain and free from worry about bills, family and work – again.

The insurance adjuster on your case may appear to be as friendly as those types of folks mentioned above, but you know he or she is not doing you any favors. In fact, they are not trying to get you paid, they are trying to limit how much they pay you.

Warren Buffet's Big Secret

You know that guy Warren Buffet – one of the richest men in the world – well, through his company he has actually owned GEICO for more than 20 years now.

How do you think that happened that he got so rich? It certainly wasn’t because he filed any insurance claims. No, his people fight paying them.

Those insurance adjusters who play hardball and don’t pay for all your car repairs or don’t consider the costs of the medical treatment that has been recommended to you by your doctor. Their focus is simply to keep you running around so you (hopefully to them) settle for far less than what they owe you.

It is not difficult to see right? They collect premiums for years and they don’t want to part with the easy cash they have made. It doesn’t matter that the cash they owe is actually meant for
you to get better. For them, it is a loss that they would rather not part with (and often don’t have to because many people do not hire lawyers like us to help them through this tough time).

And this time is tough for you – you have soooooo much on your plate between keeping your family and work both running smoothly. It was already a challenge to maintain that balance
before, and it only gets harder when you are figuring out medical appointments that take up your time and you are in constant pain which is debilitating and exhausting.

Help is on the way...

There is no sympathy from them because to them it is David vs. Goliath and in their version of that famous story, Goliath wins 95% of the time when David is not represented by a lawyer (which, many times, is the case).

But, there is no reason David (i.e. YOU) should not be represented by a lawyer.

We get your hesitancy – we have been the punchline for many jokes that frame us as the villain. But, I assure you it is the other way around for the following reasons:

  • We pay for and organize all of your medical treatments and appointments
  • We don’t get paid any money back unless we recover money for you
  • We are aligned with your financial and emotional interests

At Champlain Valley Law, Drew Palcsik and his team are in it for the long haul. We want to build relationships with you as we have for many clients over the past three decades.

We do it because we have fought on the side of justice our whole lives. We want our community to be safe and for Vermonters and New Yorkers to get back to their lives after devastating car accidents and crashes.

So give us a call today so you can fight Goliath with a Goliath of your own.

Success breeds Success

Give our team a call, all of your information is confidential.

Our personal injury client Debbie K., wrote on our Google page

"Drew was patient, thorough, and professional and he guided me through my legal process with very solid, sound advice which ultimately led to a favorable outcome. I would highly recommend the firm!."

or read another review from former client, Brynna-Lee Carper, who similarly wrote:

"Drew Palcsik was able to get me a lot more settlement money than I would have ever been able to get on my own."
Google's 'G' where Champlain Valley Law has highly rated lawyer nearby reviews
Brynna-Lee Carper
Facebook Review

Or how about Cesare Bufano who exclaimed:

" Drew exuded confidence and reassured me that we were on the correct path. In the end the outcome could not have resulted any better!"
Google's 'G' where Champlain Valley Law has highly rated lawyer nearby reviews
Cesare Bufano
Facebook Review

We have many more reviews on Facebook and Google that you can read to see how many people we have actually helped over the years. 

Time to act is now

Or you can take our word for it. So, what are you waiting for?

Pick up the phone ad give us a call.

You will be directed to our amazing and caring intake specialist, Toni Block, who will ask you a few questions about your injuries, take down all of your information and set you up to speak with our lead attorney Drew Palcsik.

You don’t want to wait too long to call. In Vermont and New York you have only a few years before you have to file a claim in court or risk losing ever being paid back for your injuries and expenses.

You also don’t want to wait because you want to be sure you are getting the right treatment, with the best doctors, who can help you get back on your feet again. 

That way, you can spend quality time with your family, get back to work and live your full life.

Are you ready to take the next step? If you read this far down the page then you definitely are!

Give us a call today:

We can’t wait to get you back your life, starting today!

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