Biking in Burlington, VT

Church Street on a sunny day in Burlington where a bike, pedestrian, or motor vehicle accident could happen at any time?

Burlington, Vermont is known for their even mix of nature and wildlife to their surplus of shops and restaurants. Along Main Street, there is a wide variety of places to shop, and other small streets to detour onto. On the main stretch of Main Street, there are two bicycle shops almost directly across from one another.

Both are located in a great spot if you’re looking for a rental, seeing as there are multiple parks around Main Street. One of which being Waterfront park which can be found just down the street. Waterfront Park is not only a great place to rent a bike and go for a ride but also for kayak and canoe rentals during summer.

Riding Along Lake Champlain

As well as having a large variety of bicycle rentals, even more than just those offered on Main Street, Burlington also has multiple motorcycle dealerships. The one closest to Main Street, The Daily Rider, can be found just a few miles east of the Water Front Park. Burlington offers a wide range of activities to partake in as well as many places to visit if you have a means of transportation, whether it be bicycle or motorcycle.  

For instance, the Ethan Allen Homestead Museum is open to the public from May to October and is easy to find on a short drive through Burlington. In addition to small historical sites as such, there are more than enough smaller bike trails and parks to visit. Leddy Park and Battery Park are two of the most common, both being popular spots for bike riding among other outdoor activities. Battery Park offers an unbeatable view of Lake Champlain along the bike path. A day out on a bike can start as a family adventure, then tragedy strikes and you now need a bike accident lawyer in Burlington.


Needing a Bike Accident Lawyer in Burlington, VT


Even all of the great bike paths around Burlington, you may find yourself injured in a bike accident. Maybe you were struck by motor vehicle while biking, or a poorly maintained or designed road caused the crash. All you know is now you are in pain, and the road to recovery in front of you is long. After surgery, you will likely need to go to physical therapy. Even then you may not make a full recovery.

If this sounds like you, you’ll need a lawyer who has experience representing cyclists after accidents in Burlington, Vermont that is experienced in this area of the law. Drew Palcsik is a personal injury lawyer who is qualified in representing clients in the North Country and the Champlain Valley. If you were injured riding a bike anywhere around Lake Champlain- Drew could help.

Hiring a Bicycle Accident Attorney in Burlington

It can be confusing on how to move forward and contact a lawyer. Many people are just looking for some answers, or if they have a legal case because of your injuries. I wish we could answer those questions on our website- but the law is involved, and we need to talk about the specifics of your case.
Here is a step-by-step overview of what to expect when you call our legal team:

  1. Call (802) 231-3377 to speak to our intake specialist Toni Block
  2. She will ask you questions about the bike accident that caused your injuries. Roughly, this will take 15 minutes to complete.
  3. Toni and Drew review all cases during their morning meeting, and you can expect an answer within 24-48 hours.

It is our mission to treat every person who contacts us with the utmost care- as you’ve already gone through something traumatic. We want to make sure that after you contact our team- you have a plan and an optimistic outlook for the future.

winter scene bike on side in the middle of the road after a cycling accident being hit by a car

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