Burlington Personal Injury Lawyer

Our testimonials
Anne Barakat

My experience was tremendous. They were very accessible, honest, and clear during the process of handling my legal matters; and expedient with their thorough deliverable. I very highly recommend them.

Debbie K

My experience was phenomenal. They were patient, thorough, and professional and he guided me through my legal process with very solid, sound advice which ultimately led to a favorable outcome. I would highly recommend the firm!

Sharon Bickford

I have been very pleased with the services I received, and especially with my interactions with the staff, who have been very helpful with my questions and have always replied promptly with my concerns. I would highly recommend this firm.

Susan Randall
Past Client

Very attentive to and compassionate with his clients. He is thorough and focused on his legal cases, and is an all around excellent attorney. Highly recommend his services.

Brynna Lee Carper​
Past Client

He was able to get me a lot more settlement money than I would have ever been able to get on my own.

John Fisher

This firm is honest, compassionate and easy to get along with. If you have the chance to hire them for your injury case, you are very fortunate.