How Much Does It Cost to Bring A Personal Injury Claim?

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Before many people file a lawsuit, they want to know “How Much Does It Cost to Bring A Personal Injury Claim?” They’ve seen advertisements on tv for lawyers. The ads say “no fee unless we win,” but what does that mean? Today Drew talks about the contingency fee or the method in which injury lawyers are paid.

How Much Does It Cost to Bring A Personal Injury Claim

Video Transcript

Hey, it’s Drew from Champlain Valley Law. Coming up, we’re going to talk about what it costs to bring a personal injury claim.

Okay. So the most important thing for you to remember here is that at the end of your personal injury claim, there are two parts to what you wind up paying your lawyer. There’s the legal fee which we talked about in our other video and then there are costs or disbursements. In this video, we’re going to talk about costs and disbursements.

Simply put, costs and disbursements are all of the monies that we spend to move your case forward. Basic costs include things like medical records, investigators, court fees, those are probably going to be costs that you experience in just about every personal injury claim.

Now, the way this works is that your lawyer will pay these expenses upfront.

  • Lawyers pay the doctors
  • Lawyers pay the court fees
  • Lawyers pay the investigators and
  • Lawyers keep a running tab of all these costs

At the end of the case, in addition to the legal fee, we’ll present you with an invoice for reimbursement of those costs.

Depending on your particular case though, your lawyer may need to go beyond the basics. They may need to hire consultants, run focus groups, hire expert witnesses like medical doctors or other professionals. Now, the way this works in a personal injury claim is that your lawyer will pay out of pocket for each of these expenses.

We pay the doctors, we pay the investigators, we pay the court fees and at the end of your case, when everything is being settled up, we’ll present you with an invoice that identifies every expense that we made and asked to be repaid. This repayment or case expenses is in addition to the legal fee.

Now, a lot of people want to know upfront, well, how expensive is my case going to be? That really depends. Generally speaking, the more complicated your case is, the more expensive it will be.

Cases involving long-term permanent injuries, where you can’t work, will probably be more expensive than cases that are resolved as insurance claims or cases involving very clear cut injuries, such as a broken arm or a broken leg.

Another thing is that the longer the case goes on, the more likely it is to get more expensive.

So what we hope we have answered, “How Much Does It Cost to Bring A Personal Injury Claim?” and we hope you’ll take away from this video is two things. One at the end of your case, you’ll be asked to pay a legal fee for your lawyer’s time, energy, and expertise, and to reimburse your lawyer for the expenses paid out during the course of your case.

The second thing to take away is that there’s no obligation on your part to repay those expenses if there is no settlement or there’s no jury verdict in your favor. For more on this particular topic, see our video in this series called Why is a Personal Injury Case so Expensive?

I hope you found this video helpful. If you did, please give us a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. If there are any topics that you’re interested in hearing more about, please let us know in the comments below. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time.