5 Things that Impact The Length Of Your Personal Injury Suit

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After a serious injury, many people are not sure if they want to file a lawsuit. They want to know how long a personal injury lawsuit usually takes. Accident lawyers can never be certain of how long it will take before we reach a settlement with the defense lawyers. We do know 5 things that impact the length of your personal injury suit.

We hope that today’s video can help you better understand where you stand after your accident. We always advise that you speak with your own attorney to discuss the specifics of your case. If you want to talk to Vermont personal injury lawyer, Drew Palcsik, be sure to visit our contact us page.

5 Things that Impact The Length Of Your Personal Injury Suit

Video Transcript

Hey, it’s Drew from Champlain Valley Law. In today’s video, we’re going to talk about five things that will help you figure out how long your personal injury case will take.

Usually, when people first come to see a lawyer, they want to know how long it’s going to take for their personal injury lawyer to finish the job. Well, the honest answer is we really don’t know at that point, but there are a number of factors that we can take into account that’ll help figure out whether the case will seem like it’s going to take forever and whether it seems like it’s going to wrap up relatively quickly. So let’s talk about what some of those factors are.

Generally speaking, most cases wrap up somewhere between six months and three years after we first meet you as a client. Now, where are you fall within that spectrum is going to depend on a number of different things. As a general matter, whether your case is handled as an insurance claim or goes to court is going to make a big difference in terms of how quickly it finishes. On one hand, insurance claims typically are resolved quicker than cases that go to court and in particular, cases that go to a jury. But there are risks and benefits to each approach, so we can’t say for certain that you yourself should bring your case as an insurance claim.

One of the first issues that we’ll look at is when did you call us? If the first time you’ve called a lawyer is just before the statute of limitations is about to expire, well then, we’re probably going to have to file a lawsuit, and you can expect another year and a half to two years before your case resolves. Now on the other hand, if you were just injured last week, and you give us a call, we’ll probably have a good opportunity to work your case up and give it its best shot to resolve as an insurance claim, without having to file a lawsuit. In that case, we may be able to get the job done quicker.

Now, the second point is related to the first. If you’ve been permanently injured in a way that affects your ability to work and take care of your family, that’s probably going to be a more complicated case, and that’s probably a case where we’re going to have to file a lawsuit and take it to trial. And you can expect that that will take longer. On the other hand, if you have an injury to a specific body part, say a broken arm or a broken rib, and you’ve recovered for the most part, and you can still work and take care of your kids, well that’s a case that we have a pretty good chance of resolving as an insurance claim and that you can expect that it might be a little bit quicker to wrap up.

Another consideration has to do with how much insurance coverage there is to pay for your injuries. Oddly enough, the more insurance there is, the harder the insurance companies are going to fight against you. And those are cases that often wind up in court, and they’re going to take longer.

Another thing that affects how long your injury case takes to resolve is what’s in dispute. Now a personal injury claim requires you, as the injured person, to prove a few different things in your case. You have to prove that the other person is at fault. You have to prove that you were harmed, and you have to prove that there is a connection between the two. Now, if the defense is arguing that it wasn’t their fault and that you weren’t hurt, well that’s a case that’s going to take a bit longer than a case where the defense admits that they were at fault, and they admit that you were hurt, but you’re only arguing over how much you were hurt.

Finally, there’s the question of what do you need or want out of your personal injury case? You may be relying on this case to provide necessary medical care and replace lost income. In that case, you may have no choice but to stick it out and go all the way to make sure that you get the justice that you deserve. On the other hand, you may have recovered from your injuries, and you’re ready to move on from this chapter in your life. Everybody has different need, and so every case is going to be different in terms of how far we need to push it to get the outcome that you want and that you deserve. Remember, it’s always up to you to decide whether or not to take a case to trial or whether to settle.

So there you have it. 5 Things that Impact The Length Of Your Personal Injury Suit. Every case is different, of course, but these factors will probably play a role in your case. Eventually, though, it will finish, and you’ll be able to put this episode behind you.

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