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An unexpected accident can land you in a world of pain, physically, emotionally, and financially. When you suffer an injury at another’s hands, it can leave you helpless and stranded.

While nothing can turn back the clock and undo the unfortunate event that left you injured, seeking compensation through an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit could help you get your life back on track. If you were injured by another person or business’s carelessness, speaking to a Burlington personal injury lawyer could be a critical first step to seeking recovery for your losses. We can work to help you get the compensation you need and deserve for your injuries.

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When Do I Have a Valid Claim in Burlington?

Many accidents can give rise to personal injury suits in Burlington. At the right are some of the common types of cases. These are just a few examples, whenever you are hurt because of another person’s actions, an attorney can help.

Damages Available in Personal Injury Cases

In a lawsuit, juries award damages for harms caused by the accident. Vermont does not use a particular formula to calculate this compensation. Instead, amounts are based on the nature of the case, and the evidence presented. Damages include the following categories of losses.

Medical Expenses

If you were hurt because of another’s actions, you may be entitled to the cost of medical and other treatment reasonably necessary in the past and that will likely be necessary for the future.

Lost Earnings and Earning Capacity

If you were forced to take time away from work, you can seek compensation for lost earnings in the past and any probable loss of ability to earn money in the future. Future wages are judged based on evidence of your earning capacity before the incident and expected working lifetime.

Non-Economic Damages

You are also entitled to seek damages for physical pain and emotional suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and other harms you experienced as a result of the incident. Because of the subjective nature of these damages, there is no formula to calculate what this could be. A jury will determine the amount based on the severity and extent of the injuries, how long they are expected to last and what impact they have on your life.

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Personalized Service For Your Needs

If you have experienced any type of catastrophic injury in the Champlain Valley then you have found a 5-star injury lawyer to get you back on your feet and towards pain-free living.

But, we don’t take every kind of case…

If we did, we could not give you the outstanding personalized service and exceptional financial recoveries that we are known for throughout the region.

If you want to know if you have the right case for our firm please answer these three questions:

  • Do you suffer from an injury that is causing you severe pain or physical limitations?
  • Were you injured by a person or business who is at fault for the incident?
  • Did your injury occur in, or do you live in, the State of Vermont or New York?

If you answered YES to all of the questions above, then you should, right now, give us a call so we can start your FREE case evaluation.

What Makes Us Different
We only handle injury and accident cases

Our firm only works with injured people and their families. We spend most of our day working with hurt people like you – from car crashes, motorcycle collisions, bike wrecks and dog bites – people who have been harmed by negligence and have significant pain or physical limitations. This area of the law is complex and it takes a law firm with focus to maximize recovery and ensure the insurance company pays what they owe.​

Our job is to tell your story.

As injury lawyers we know that an accident can dramatically change your life. It is our job to understand the physical and emotional impact the accident had on your life. Telling your story is not just about money, it is about getting justice. Getting your story right is the best way to persuade decision-makers to pay attention and do what’s right. When insurers won’t reasonably settle your claim, trial is the best way to expose them. And we do just that.

We get you justice

It doesn’t matter if you were in a car accident or had a debilitating slip-and-fal, Our team fights for justice for those who cannot fight for themselves. Nearly all of our clients never imagine themselves filing a lawsuit. However the way they are being treated by the insurance company is just not right. We believe that our justice-first mentality ensures you will get the best representation possible. That means, if you don’t get paid, then we don’t get paid. It is as simple as that.

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Though it can be painful to move forward in the wake of an accident, seeking payment for your injuries can help. We understand the challenges you and your family must now deal with.

An attorney could help you negotiate with stingy insurance companies, who are notorious for lowballing unrepresented personal injury plaintiffs. Legal counsel could also craft a legal strategy and file a lawsuit on your behalf. From there, settlement negotiations could ensue, or the case could go to trial. Either way, legal counsel could support you and advocate for your interests. Call a Burlington personal injury lawyer today to explore your options.

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