Burlington is fortunate to have wonderful biking access. The Island Trail and the causeway provide great delight to adults and children, commuters, and tourists alike.

Though some paths are friendly to bikers of all ability levels, others are simply bike lanes alongside traffic. Unfortunately, biking in the vicinity of cars can result in serious accidents and grave injuries.

If you or someone close to you has been injured on a bike, consult a Burlington bicycle accident lawyer about options for recovery. An experienced attorney could help you seek an insurance settlement, or if necessary, file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf.

Questions After a Bike Crash in Burlington

So, what happens if you have been in such an accident? You might, right now, be asking yourself many questions:

  • What should I do now?
  • Does VT law protect me as a rider?
  • What happens if I didn’t signal or have a light on?
  • Will I be held at fault?

Or you may be asking yourself financial questions that are on your mind:

  • How will I pay for all of my medical bills?
  • Shouldn’t the person who hit me be responsible?
  • How will I file a claim and recover all of what I need to take care of me and my family while I am out of work?
  • I don’t want to go into debt because of my medical bills, how do I avoid that?
  • How can I trust that the driver’s insurance company is going to adequately take care of me?

All of these valid questions are good for you to be asking. And we are here to tell you that we can help you resolve some, if not all, of the questions that are spinning around in your head.

Common Types of Bicycle Accidents and Injuries

Bike crashes can happen for any number of reasons. They commonly occur when:

  • A motorist fails to yield
  • A driver enters the roadway from a driveway or parking lot without noticing you
  • A motorist fails to stop at a stop sign
  • A person is driving drunk
  • A person is texting while driving
  • A driver opens the door of their car into a bike lane

Though biking is becoming more and more common, drivers are still painfully unaware of what it means to share the road. In so many instances, Burlington bike accidents are preventable if the driver had been paying careful attention.

Bicycle accident injuries can be severe even if you were wearing a helmet. Without the protection of a car’s frame, glass, and airbags, a biker lacks any buffer. This can result in serious injuries such as road rash, lacerations, cuts, and bruising, internal bleeding and tissue damage, concussions or brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, and broken bones.

For most of the above injuries, emergency medical treatment is necessary. In a lawsuit, you can seek damages to recover the medical bills incurred as a result of their accident, including the cost of treatment that will be reasonably necessary for the future. Treatment includes hospital stays, surgeries and procedures, rehabilitation, and adaptive accommodations that may be necessary to allow you to live in your home.

Consult a Burlington Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

We know you are in tremendous pain and have likely suffered more severe injuries than your everyday car crash victim. So, your medical bills and treatment will be higher than the average injury victim.

What does that mean for you?

Well it means you need to get more money out of the insurance companies to pay for medical bills that you currently have and are likely to pay in the future. But that doesn’t mean they have all the money that you need.

Sometimes, the driver that hit you doesn’t have high enough policy limits to cover all of your bike crash injuries, lost wages and pain and suffering combined. So, you may have to make a claim with your insurance company, making a claim under your underinsured motorist coverage, to get all the funds you need to pay for what you have lost and may owe.

So, that may mean you have to prepare and file a lawsuit.

And we know that you may not even be the type of person that believes in filing a lawsuit. Trust us, we are lawyers, and we know our clients do not want to endure a trial unless they absolutely have to.

Drew Palcsik tells insurance companies and their lawyers the facts. We shoot straight. Since Drew has been doing this a long time and is honest about his clients’ injuries, they usually pay us what you are owed.

The larger the harms caused by their insured, the more likely the insurance companies are to push back to see if they can reduce what they owe. That is why we work hard from day one to collect all the information to stay one step ahead of the defense attorneys. From intake to trial, we work to ensure you are ready and prepared. Call a Burlington bicycle accident attorney today for a free consultation to get started on your case.