If You Have Had An Amputation Or Severed Limb After A Car Accident

woman learning to walk again with crutches after a severed limb from a accident

A severed limb after a car accident can be an emotional, mental, and physically disability injury. It is hard to comprehend the impact of a lost limb because of a car accident that was not your fault. Tragically for some car crash victims, bones are crushed beyond the point of repair. Even more tragically is those who experience a severed limb during the crash.

Ambulance rides, hospital stays, surgery, treatment, and rehabilitation can take decades to complete. Even after rehabilitation, your life will never be the same. You may experience pain from href=”https://champlainvalleylaw.com/practice-areas/car-crash-injury-lawyers/nerve-damage-car-accident/”nerve damage or you may need structural changes made to your home to maintain mobility.

The story of loss of limb after a car accident

The road to recovery after a severed limb or amputation is long. Many people are rushed to the hospital where they likely undergo emergency surgery. After you’re stable after the crash, you likely have a series of reconstructive surgeries ahead of you. When the surgeons feel they have repaired as much as possible, you may focus on physical therapy to recovery. If you are lucky you will be able to recover maintain a lifestyle similar to what you did before the crash. For others, you will have to live your life in a completely different way.

One of the most important things in a personal injury lawsuit is the story of how the loss has impacted your life. Are you no longer able to go hiking with your family? Tell the jury about all of these moments that have been taken away from you due to another person’s carelessness.

Proving Fault of the crash

If you were following the law, and another person was not- you can make a claim for compensation. Just because someone did not intend to run into your vehicle, they are still responsible for the consequences. Many times you’re not actually suing the other driver- its often the insurance company that your fighting against.

With an injury like a severed limb after a car accident, an insurer is likely to deny the claim. The medical bills from a person who has experienced a severed limb are enormous. The impact of the injury will affect the rest of your life.

Sadly, it is often your own insurance company that is fighting your claim. They are probably telling you that your injuries don’t warrant very much money. Insurance companies often minimize, delay, and deny claims so they can earn interest on your money as long as possible.

You may think you can fight the insurance company alone, but remember this is the work they do every. single. day. That is why you need to call Vermont and New York car crash lawyer, Drew Palcsik today.