Broken Bones From a Car Accident Are All Too Common

Broken bones

It doesn’t matter what caused your car crash- a rear-end collision or t-boned at an intersection- broken bones from a car accident are all too common. If you are like many people, you have broken ribs, wrists, or legs. It doesn’t matter if it is a bone fracture or a clean break- you will probably need surgery and physical therapy.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, you may be one of the nearly one million fractures that happen every year. While the Cleveland Clinic includes osteoporosis and slip and fall injuries in their numbers, many broken bones from a car accident in Burlington are included in their calculation. Reach out to a skilled car accident attorney to discuss your options to recover compensation for damages.

Broken and Fractured Bones Can Happen Anywhere on the Body

Like we stated earlier, broken bones from a car accident are common in the wrists and ankles. While these maybe some of the more common fractures and breaks- you can experience a broken bone anywhere on the body after a car crash.

Here are other common places to experience breaks and fractures:

  • Legs
  • Skull fractures
  • Back/ Spine
  • Thigh
  • Hip
  • Pelvis
  • Arm
  • Collar Bone
  • Ribs

Broken bones after a car accident are just a few of the long-term problems associated with car crash injuries. Often broken bones do not heal 100%, and you will experience some loss in motion, mobility, and ability. Even with physical therapy, you may never be the same after the car crash.

Diagnosing a Broken Bone


When it comes to personal injury lawsuits involving a motor vehicle crash, medical evidence can make or break your case. Thankfully, it is easy to prove that you have a broken or fractured bone due to the car crash. Many people get x-ray’s or MRI’s the day of the accident if an ambulance took them to the emergency room.

Other people may still be in shock after the crash and think that they are okay. After going home, they notice something isn’t right and later find out with testing that they have fractured bones. When you’re in front of a jury explaining how the crash changed your life, nothing is better than X-ray and MRI evidence.

Can A Car Crash Lawyer Help?

If you were following the law and another person was not, you can claim compensation. Just because someone did not intend to run into your vehicle, they are still responsible for the consequences. You’re often not actually suing the other driver- it’s often the insurance company that you’re fighting against.

Sadly, it is often your own insurance company that is fighting your claim. They are probably telling you that your injuries don’t warrant very much money. Insurance companies often minimize, delay, and deny claims so they can earn interest on your money as long as possible.

You may think you can fight the insurance company alone, but remember this is the work they do every. Single. Day.

That is why you need to call someone who is experienced in personal injury law. A general practice lawyer may spend much of their time drafting wills and closing real estate purchases. However, injury law is different and requires someone who focuses on it full time. You then know that they have a successful track record of getting money out of insurance companies for their clients.

Broken Bones Require a Lot of Treatment to Heal

Healing a broken or fractured bone can be difficult- especially in car crash cases. Sometimes the bone is literally crushed and needs to be reconstructed. You’ve probably been bouncing around seeing various specialists help you recover as much as possible. Even if you’re bouncing between primary care, a surgeon, a physical therapist, and other specialists- you may never fully recover.

Unfortunately, even though you may not fully recover- you still have to pay all of the medical bills and associated expenses. A personal injury lawyer can help calculate how much your bills have cost you until today. They will also help you calculate the lifetime expenses that are likely to come up in the future due to the other person’s carelessness. Many people settle with insurance companies quickly, but this often allows the insurer from paying for any associated costs that are likely to happen later in life.

If you want to pay your medical bills today and tomorrow- it’s best to contact a car accident lawyer. Drew Palcsik has experience fighting for clients and knows the insurance company’s tricks. Call today to learn about your options following broken bones from a car accident in Burlington.