After a motor vehicle collision occurs, it could be difficult determining what to do next. Often, individuals make crucial mistakes which could affect their claim and eligibility to recover compensation for damages. For example, a common mistake that people tend to make in Burlington after being involved in a car accident is not following up with your doctors after an injury. There is a balance between living your normal life and not taking care of yourself. If you do not do the things that people who are hurt are expected to do, then insurance adjusters and defense lawyers are going to take that as evidence that you were not hurt.

Fortunately, Drew Palcsik at Champlain Valley Law knows exactly what to do after a motor vehicle crash. A skilled car accident attorney like Drew will help your case from the time of the crash through trial. Reach out to learn about the biggest mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Burlington.

Refusing Medical Treatment

Refusing immediate medical treatment immediately after an injury is a mistake, and refusal of initial treatment could hurt a person’s case. Many times, somebody refuses medical treatment at the scene, even if they are hurt, because they do not want the inconvenience, delay, or embarrassment of getting medical care. Additionally, people make the mistake of refusing treatment because they are often in shock and do not feel the full effects of their injuries immediately following an automobile crash.

If the injured party does not seek medical treatment, insurance adjusters and defense lawyers will use that as evidence that the person was not hurt, even if three days later, they see a doctor and are in great pain.

Not Following Doctor’s Orders or Following-Up with Treatment

With a Burlington car accident case, it is a mistake not to follow doctor’s orders or follow up with medical treatment. If you are an injured person, you have a legal obligation to mitigate your damages. That means to keep them at a minimum and do whatever you can to get better. Part of that obligation means seeing doctors when appropriate and following the doctor’s suggestions. If you do not see a doctor or do not follow the doctor’s orders, the insurance defense lawyers and insurance adjusters will argue that you are not doing what you need to do to care for yourself. They will argue that you should not be entitled to recover damages.

The Danger in Speaking to Insurance Companies Before Retaining Legal Advice

Insurance companies typically contact people who have been injured in car accidents right away. The danger in giving recorded statements to the other driver’s insurance company before consulting with a car accident attorney is that the injured party could make admissions that are harmful to their case. Admitting fault is a mistake because the injured party may not be able to recover anything for their injuries and damages.

They could admit to facts that demonstrate some degree of fault on their side or facts that might prove that the other driver was not at fault.

Accepting a Settlement

There are some common scenarios in which the other driver’s insurance company might offer a check, and it could be a mistake to cash that check. If their driver is obviously at fault, insurance companies will try to offer a person quick money that is a very low amount. Once they settle, that is their only opportunity to ever settle. They may settle a case before they have even had a chance to talk to a lawyer or their doctors to understand the full nature of their injuries and the permanent effects on their life.

Seek Help from a Car Accident Attorney at Champlain Valley Law Today

Immediately following a car accident, you should call Drew Palcsik at Champlain Valley Law. Some specific ways in which Drew and the team will help navigate the initial steps of dealing with a car accident include finding witnesses, collecting reports, and hiring experts to work on the case.

It could be a mistake to fail to contact an attorney right after a car accident in Burlington. There are many details to consider after a collision that experienced lawyers and insurance adjusters know which can impact the long-term success of an injured person’s right to recover for their injuries. Call Drew Palcsik at Champlain Valley Law to learn about the mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Burlington.