Individuals make many mistakes following a car accident in Burlington when it comes to handling their own insurance claims. The main mistake people tend to make is not fully understanding all of the different categories of harm and fully developing the evidence to make sure that they have captured all the different ways that the wrongdoer has impacted their life.

These crucial mistakes can negatively impact their ability to recover compensation for damages from the responsible party. Injured individuals often do not realize that an insurance company’s goal is to delay and deny claims as long as possible, ultimately denying injured people fair compensation. The insurance company will encourage you to accept an unfair settlement and does not cover the full value of your damages before you truly understand what is going on. When settling a liability claim, there is only a single settlement. When you settle, you are releasing your right to ever make further claims for harm due to that accident. For this reason, it is best to seek help from a diligent car accident attorney.

Drew Palcsik will advocate on your behalf and hold the negligent party accountable for your injuries and damages. Having an attorney negotiate on your behalf adds substantial value to the claim because Drew understands how to prove both fault and each of the categories of damages. Speak to Drew to learn about the nuances of settling a Burlington car accident case.

Understanding The Settlement Process

During the settlement process, Drew will conduct an investigation, assemble the file, interview witnesses, and create a settlement package that is sent to the insurance adjuster who handled the file. Then, negotiations occur, and the parties determine whether both parties can reach a compromise or whether a civil legal claim will be necessary.

What Are The Options Available For A Car Accident Settlement In Burlington?

After a car accident, you and your attorney can settle a claim with an insurance company at any time after a claim has been established. You could even settle after a judgment is entered after a jury verdict, but typically claims are settled with insurance adjusters before a lawsuit is filed. You are free to negotiate the claim’s value as you see fit without typically any interference from the courts.

It is important to know the insurance limits before engaging in settlement discussions because you should not leave money on the table in negotiating the settlement. In the vast majority of situations, an insurance company will not pay more than the liability limits of the insurance policy held by the wrongdoer, but it may in the right circumstances.

Get In Touch With an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

Drew Palcsik, an experienced car accident attorney, will benefit someone looking to settle a car accident suit. Drew knows what information to look for, how to assess the information, and how to assemble a settlement package.

When calling Drew for the first time, you should provide as much information about the crash as possible if you have a crash report, any photographs of the vehicles involved in the collision, names, telephone numbers, and addresses of any known witnesses, the names of all the medical providers that you have seen because of your injuries resulting from the accident. Drew will take the lead in your case and help you get the compensation you need.

Schedule a consultation with Drew Palcsik at Champlain Valley Law to discuss settling a Burling car accident case.