Broken bone from a motorcycle accident are all too common

You know when you want to ride a motorcycle that you have to be extra careful because you are completely exposed to the elements. No one wants to think about dealing with a broken bone from a motorcycle accident or even more devastating injuries. You may have broken a wrist, arm, leg or rib- all you know is one day you were not in pain and the next day you are in excruciating pain. After an injury you may be looking at surgery and physical therapy- and you still may not return to full mobility.

 motorcycle accident

Broken and fractured bones can happen anywhere on the body

Like we stated earlier a broken bone from a motorcycle accident is likely to occur in the wrists and ankles. While these may be some of the more common fractures and breaks- you can experience a broken bone anywhere on the body after a motorcycle crash.

Here are other common places to experience breaks and fractures:

  • Legs
  • Skull fractures
  • Back/ Spine
  • Thigh
  • Hip
  • Pelvis
  • Arm
  • Collar Bone
  • Rib

For some people broken bones do not heal back to full mobility and even after you heal, you may have lifetime nerve damage. After your motorcycle crash it is likely that you will experience a lifetime loss of motion, mobility and ability in that limb. You should closely follow the recovery plan designated by your doctor to have the highest chance of a full recovery.

Diagnosing a Broken Bone

To win a personal injury lawsuit you need to have clear evidence of injury and clear liability on who or what caused your injuries. Broken bones are one of the easiest injuries to diagnose because of medical testing.

After your crash, you will likely be transported to the emergency room by ambulance where the staff will take X-ray’s or MRI’s if necessary. A doctor will let you know if you have a shattered, broken, or fractured bone. After they diagnose the injury they will develop a recovery plan. It is your responsibility to follow your doctor’s orders. When fighting a personal injury case it is important that you attend all appointments so you show that you’ve exhausted all options and still have yet to fully recover.

motorcycle laying on pavement with parts and pieces scattered after a car hit the motorcycle in a crash accident

If you were following the law, and another person was not- you can make a claim for compensation. Just because someone did not intend to run into your motorcycle does not mean they are excused from dealing with the consequences. Many times you’re not actually suing the other driver- it’s often the insurance company that your fighting against.

Sadly, your insurance company will also fight your claim. Even though you paid faithfully every month to ensure you’d be okay in case of emergency- they don’t give you the money you need. They are probably telling you that your injuries don’t warrant the kind of money you need.

You may think you can fight the insurance company alone, but remember this is the work they do every. single. day. That is why you need to call Vermont and New York motorcycle crash lawyer, Drew Palcsik today.