While downhill or alpine skiing is a highly enjoyable and popular winter sport across Vermont, accidents on the slopes can result in catastrophic personal injuries. If you were injured recently while skiing due to negligence, you should speak with a Burlington ski injury lawyer about your legal options. Liability for ski injuries can sometimes be very difficult to prove, but an experienced recreational accident lawyer like Drew Palcsik will do everything possible to get you the compensation you deserve from all culpable parties.

Common Causes of Burlington Ski Accidents

While some ski injuries cannot easily be traced to culpable conduct, usually an injury results from another skier or the ski area’s negligence. Aggressive or careless fellow skiers, improperly trained personnel, and inadequately maintained slopes are just a few of the leading causes of serious ski accidents and injuries. Sometimes, defective ski equipment, rather than any error on the part of fellow skiers or the resort may result in a grave accident. Under such circumstances, the manufacturer of the faulty equipment may be legally liable.

Skiing accidents are often highly complex claims to prove. To complicate matters, ski resorts will typically have skiers sign a waiver before they hit the slopes, which can make financial recovery more challenging. It is essential to work with a Burlington ski injury attorney who has specific knowledge of the state laws governing these types of claims and can investigate all avenues to establish liability.

Starting a Ski Injury Claim in Burlington

For the majority of personal injury claims filed with Burlington courts, injured parties have three years from the incident date to start a civil claim. However, Vermont law has special provisions for claims involving ski accident injuries.

Pursuant to Vermont Statutes Annotated Title 12 § 513, you have just one year from the accident to file a legal claim. It is vital to understand and comply with this statutory deadline, as failure to file a ski injury lawsuit within one year will bar the victim from obtaining compensation. Retaining counsel quickly will ensure that your claim is filed in a timely manner.

Type of Recoverable Damages

Drew Palcsik, a seasoned attorney in Burlington will help you pursue each of the elements of damages recoverable in a civil claim. These damages can include your intangible and tangible losses. Tangible losses refer to specific costs associated with your injury, such as their hospital bills, surgery expenses, physical therapy costs, and income loss. On the other hand, intangible losses are the non-quantifiable costs of your injury, such as pain, suffering, emotional anguish, mental distress, and loss of consortium endured due to the incident. Punitive or exemplary damages may be available as well if the courts determine that the at-fault skier or other negligent party exhibited wanton disregard for the safety of others.

Speak with a Burlington Ski Injury Attorney

If you have sustained serious injuries in a skiing accident due to the negligent actions of another, you should speak with a Burlington ski injury lawyer. Drew Palcsik will determine whether the ski operator, ski equipment manufacturer, a negligent skier, or another third party is liable for your damages. Call Champlain Valley Law today to discuss your prospective case with Drew.