Snowmobiling is a favored winter sport around the Burlington area and throughout the state of Vermont. Operators of snowmobiles should follow the applicable safety regulations and use proper care when driving these vehicles, or serious personal injury can result. Drew Palcisk, a Burlington snowmobile accident lawyer, can provide experienced legal assistance and counsel if you or a loved one were involved in a crash. By speaking with a knowledgeable recreational accident attorney, you can find out more about your legal options and whether you may have grounds to pursue compensation.

Leading Causes of Severe Snowmobile Accidents in Burlington

Snowmobile accidents can arise from a number of causes, with operator negligence being one of the most common factors. Other leading causes of snowmobile accidents include speeding, operating a snowmobile while drunk or under the influence of drugs, operating a snowmobile at night, and defective vehicle manufacturing or repair.

Laws Regarding The Use of Snowmobiles

Snowmobile users must understand and comply with the requirements Vermont law outlines for the operation of these vehicles. The law forbids the operation of a snowmobile while under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances. This means that if someone is driving their snowmobile or other recreational vehicle drunk or impaired by illegal drugs, they will face legal ramifications for driving while intoxicated, including but not limited to the revocation of their driving privileges.

Under the Vermont snowmobile law, generally, no one should operate a snowmobile on at a speed or in a manner that is reckless or unreasonable. Vermont Statutes Annotated Title 23 § 3205 outlines the various equipment all snowmobiles are required to have. Snowmobiles should be outfitted with a minimum of one headlight in the front and tail of the vehicle, as well as a fully operational muffler. The tail light must be red. The vehicle should also have a brake that is in excellent working order.

Concerning the safe operation of snowmobiles in Burlington, users should get their vehicles routinely checked to ensure all equipment is in working order. Snowmobile operators should drive at careful speeds and wear proper protective equipment, such as a helmet. A helmet is mandatory whenever someone is driving a snowmobile. If the driver is not outfitted with appropriate eye gear, their snowmobile must feature a windshield.

Financial Recovery for Injuries And Damages

When a snowmobile operator fails to comply with the law and violates their legal duty of care to ensure the safety of others on the road or trails, a Burlington attorney could step in to help you seek financial recovery for your damages. Snowmobile accidents commonly cause injuries such as amputation, fractured or broken bones, brain injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, and paralysis. Sometimes, these injuries can be fatal.

Under Vermont law, the operator of a snowmobile who has caused or is involved in an accident resulting in injury to person or property has a duty to stop and render assistance as is reasonably necessary and must share their name and registration information with the other persons involved in the accident. If death or injury results, the operator must report the accident to law enforcement and file a report with the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles.

Drew Palcsik, an experienced snowmobile accident attorney in Burlington will help you recover compensation for damages such as loss of income, medical bills, therapy costs, mental anguish, and future medical expenses if you have been injured in a crash. Compensation may also be available for future lost income, loss of consortium, and punitive damages.

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