Slip and fall accidents have the potential to result in permanent or even fatal injuries. When these falls occur, you have a right to hold the property owner accountable if the fall was due to negligence. Recovering compensation in a slip and fall accident can be simplified by working with Drew Palcsik, an experienced personal injury attorney.

If you were injured due to an unsafe walking surface – and it resulted in a slip, trip or other fall, your first step should always be to seek necessary medical treatment. It can also help to discuss your claim with a Middlebury slip and fall lawyer at Champlain Valley Law. Drew will review your case and advise you on whether financial compensation might be available to you.

Sources of Compensation in a Slip and Fall Lawsuit

Depending on where a slip and fall accident occurred, there are several different parties that could be responsible for the harm you suffered. Generally, the owner of the property is the responsible for the safety of all lawful visitors. It is important to know that there are different types of property owners.

While claims against private property owners are more common, the law allows people injured on public property to make legal claims for compensation.

A homeowner’s policy routinely covers claims at a private residence, while commercial general liability policies are often in effect for most businesses. Unfortunately, the existence of an insurance policy does not guarantee recovering damages will be simple. An experienced Middlebury slip and fall lawyer, Drew Palcsik will review the facts of your case and make sure you receive fair compensation.

Negotiating a Settlement

When an insurance company is involved with a slip and fall accident claim, they will frequently try to make you a settlement offer early on in the process. That does not mean the offer will be fair. Insurance companies often simply deny claims, but settling claims for less than their true value is commonplace. These insurance companies will take advantage of anyone that lacks legal counsel.

A frequent tactic from the insurance company is only to offer enough money to cover the hospital bills that were incurred immediately after the accident. This might seem fair at first. The problem with these offers is that the cost of treating serious injuries only grows over time. For permanent injuries, a lifetime of medical care could be necessary. An experienced slip and fall attorney will advise you on the true value of your injury claim.

Call a Middlebury Slip and Fall Attorney at Champlain Valley Law Today

If another person is responsible for your slip and fall accident, it is only fair that they shoulder the financial burden. With help of the skilled legal team at Champlain Valley Law, you can recover compensation for you medical bills, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Prevailing on a slip and fall claim is often challenging. Contact Drew Palcsik, a Middlebury slip and fall lawyer, to get the help you need.