Drew Palcsik
A Focus On Families In Crisis

I began practicing law when I moved to Vermont in 1998. I spent ten years in civil legal services, keeping roofs over the heads of low-income families and protecting children and families from domestic violence. In 2008, I left Legal Aid to begin helping injured people and their families navigate the legal system. Since 2010, I have limited my work to helping people who have been seriously injured in the North Country of New York and Vermont.

When I started my law practice, I did so with three values in mind: Client needs will come first, my team will narrowly tailor our services to your needs, and we always work in collaboration because it improves outcomes.

Narrowly Tailored Services

Client Needs Come First

Collaboration Improves Outcomes

I make it easy for seriously injured people to get paid up and regain control of their lives.

If you or someone you care about has been injured and you are wondering what comes next, we’ll make the time to speak with you. You can contact us through this web site, by email or telephone any time you’re ready.

Our Testimonials

My experience was tremendous. They were very accessible, honest, and clear during the process of handling my legal matters; and expedient with their thorough deliverable....

Anne Barakat

My experience was phenomenal. They were patient, thorough, and professional and he guided me through my legal process with very solid, sound advice which ultimately...

Debbie K

I have been very pleased with the services I received, and especially with my interactions with the staff, who have been very helpful with my...

Sharon Bickford

Drew Palcsik


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